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Event Planning

Access over a decade of experience

We love nothing more than a spectacular day! We love creating them, decorating them and occasionally finding the time to go to them!

Event planning can be overwhelming! If you are thinking of throwing an event, want it to be unforgettable and fabulous, we are here to help.

With a wealth experience at our finger tips, just waiting to guide you.

To be involved on which ever level to suit your needs. From coordination of other suppliers including generators, caterers, bar, music, entertainment and styling, decor sourcing and making, floor plan design of the venue/ tent featuring all elements, entertainment recommendations and booking. Producing an event manager for the event and sourcing of all technical equipment, food service and entertainment, styling and theming and scheduling and managing on the night and making sure every minute detail is covered!

Contact us with details of what you’re looking for and we will tailor our services to fit.

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