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Explore our stunning collection of handcrafted tents

Silk Road Tents combines unique innovative designs with a timeless craftsmanship. Skilled artisans work with the finest materials, combining tradition with creativity to bring our visions to life.

No event is too unique or challenging for us to handle. Whether grand or intimate, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Choose from our diverse range of tents, each offering its own distinctive charm and character. From colourful Raj tents to traditional canvas marquees, exclusive yurt marquees to octagonal garden tents, Indian frame tents to geodesic domes, and traditional Moroccan tents, there’s something to suit every occasion. Our bespoke tents feature unique exteriors and interiors, ensuring your event stands out with sophistication and style

Explore below for for a closer look at our diverse tent options

Traditional & Celeste Marquees

Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance with our bespoke marquees—meticulously handcrafted to exude luxury and timeless charm.

Our canvas exteriors, complemented by poles and optional window walls, redefine traditional event settings, offering a sophisticated ambiance for weddings, corporate gatherings, and special occasions alike.

Step into a world of innovation with our chic alternative to standard marquees, where every detail is tailored to exceed your expectations and create unforgettable memories.

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Yurt Marquee

Elevate your event with one of our stunning Yurts, transcending the ordinary. Whether amidst a tranquil garden affair, the vibrant ambiance of a festival, or as a chic lounge space, our Yurts offer an unparalleled sense of sophistication. Elevate your celebration with the addition of our Yurts, perfect as an elegant bar adjacent to our grand marquees, ensuring your dream wedding or special occasion is truly unforgettable

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Stretch Tents

Showing the sophistication of our Stretch Tents, meticulously crafted from bespoke stretch fabric. With unparalleled flexibility, they adapt seamlessly to diverse designs.. Rigged with precision, tension is delicately applied to the fabric, bestowing an exquisite ambiance and captivating allure. Elevate your occasion with the timeless elegance of our Stretch Tents, where versatility meets refinement

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Frame Tents

Embrace timeless elegance with our Frame Tents, reminiscent of classic structures used for events for centuries. Adorned with fully customised linings, each tent is meticulously tailored. Elevate your occasion with the bespoke, for an unforgettable experience.

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Top Hats

Top Hats are exceptionally versatile and are a perfect option in patio areas or as entrance tents attached to buildings. Their high sides make them perfect for catering marquees, while also providing an intimate space for a small drinks reception, bar or intimate gathering.

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Geodesic Dome

Step into elegance with our geodesic domes. These hemispherical structures, built on a geometrically precise framework, exude sophistication. Their sturdy triangular elements evenly distribute weight, ensuring they can handle heavy loads while maintaining their graceful appearance. Elevate your event with our exquisite geodesic domes and create unforgettable moments
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Experience the enchantment of our Tipis, exquisitely blending natural beauty with timeless elegance as they grace the earth and soar toward the sky.

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Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail of our yurt craftsmanship. From the finest materials to meticulous attention to detail, we create yurts that epitomize beauty and quality. Whether adorning a vast landscape or nestled in a garden, our yurts exude elegance and charm.

Crafted from hardwoods, experience the timeless allure of our yurts and discover why they’re the preferred choice for discerning clients seeking sophistication and style for their events

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Boutique Camping

We can set up amazing Boutique Camping for your event, get in touch and we can help you plan your own Boutique Village

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