Silk Road Tents



Silk Road Tents are one of Ireland’s only Yurt Hire companies

Experience the allure of our Yurts and discover why they’re a

popular choice for unforgettable events.

Our exceptional Yurts stand out in any setting, offering versatility and elegance that elevate various occasions:

  • Enrich the festival atmosphere
  • Provide a tranquil retreat in any space
  • Transform your backyard gatherings
  • Serve as a sophisticated bar alongside larger marquees at weddings or events.

Originally known as Gers and tracing their roots to Mongolia, Yurts are portable, wood-latticed dwellings historically used by nomadic tribes across central Asia.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the finest materials, our Yurts radiate beauty and quality. From expansive landscapes to intimate garden settings, each Yurt is meticulously constructed from hardwoods. Gallery Images

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