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Bell Tent 4M – Ultimate


Bell Tent 4m – Ultimate

Product description

These tents are made of heavy quality cotton cloth and offer a lot of comfort. The semi-circular ventilation windows provide a lot of cooling in the summer and let a lot of light through.

The side walls can be fully rolled up to create a floating roof.

Available in two versions:
Sahara 400 Deluxe – With fixed bucket groundsheet.
Sahara 400 UL – With zip-in bucket groundsheet.


Product specifications

Ø 400 x 250/60 cm
– Tent fabric: cotton 285 g / m².
– Slikrand PVC.
– Center post: Steel Ø 32 mm.
– A-frame: Steel Ø 22 mm.
– Ground cloth: PVC 540 g / m² Tarpaulin.
– Comfortable with 2 people on air mattresses
– Comfortable with 4 people on sleeping mats
– Headroom.
– Zipped tank ground cover.
– Ventilation windows in walls.
– Roll up sidewalls to create a floating roof.
– Confirmation for inner tent.
– Height side walls: 60 cm
– Door height: 140 cm
– Width door: 180 cm
– Height center: 250 cm
– Weight ca. 24 Kg.
– Suit size: 102 x 31 x 30 cm.
– Color: Ecru.

Including pegs and guy lines.

Construction time approx. 15/30 minutes.

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Event Carpet

Cut to fit full floor

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