Boutique Camping for Festivals and Events

Enjoy the luxury of the boutique camping experience with Silk Road Tents.

American Indian tipis, Mongolian yurts and Bell tents are an excellent option as a unique camping adventure for festival
accommodation. Leave your camping gear at home and arrive in style. We set up your tipi, yurt or bell tent for you!

All tents come carpeted, but do not have furnishings and bedding as standard, so you will need your own camping gear. However we can provide you with a range of interior decoration, bedding and luxury to suit your needs. You can select these options in our booking form. Please pick your festival of choice in the drop down menu below.

Select the festival for which you wish to book:

Please note that there are limited places for each event and all bookings are taken on a 'first come first served' basis.

Once we have confirmed your booking the hire charge is payable by Cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.


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